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2nd Sunday each month

Murrayfield Parish Church

Adult Education

There are a range of opportunity for reflection and study. Most of these are held ecumenically as part of our partnership with  the Church of the Good Shepherd and Saughtonhall United Reformed Church, but there are also ‘in-house’ activities and events.


MCT Discussion Group

These Ecumenical gatherings are held on an ad hoc basis and comprise short series of study sessions, usually focused on a book or a DVD. They are held at the United Reformed Church on Saugtonhall Drive and publicised in advance. For informationm about the recent series - contact:  David Marwick   0131 337 1091



Bible Study Group

This is a House Group which also meets on an ad hoc basis for a series of reflections, usually on a particular book of the Bible.   Contact Jane Crispin 0131 337 3565


Book Group

This Group also meets in the homes of the participants.

Contact through the Church Office


Murrayfield Lecture

The Murrayfield Lecture is held twice annually, usually in March and October, with an invited speaker, followed by questions and answers.

Contact the Church Office for details



Children’s Education

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