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2nd Sunday each month

Murrayfield Parish Church



We seek to be involved in the life of the community and the world through various ministries. Through Christian Aid, the official relief and development agency of the Church of Scotland, we participate in various campaigns against poverty and trade injustice.

There is so much need in Africa

Christian Aid

In Partnership with the Saughtonhall United Reform Church and the Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church through Murrayfield Churches Together we have a long tradition of supporting Christian Aid. During Christian Aid Week we have a house to house collection in as many streets as possible in our area. At the same time we also have a joint ecumenical service followed by a fundraising lunch with a growing lively participation of young families. The lunch is a simple affair to remind us of the plight of the people Christian Aid is trying to help.

Recently we have had extra annual fundraising events – ceilidhs, quizzes, tea parties – and whenever there is an emergency appeal, as in the ongoing cu#ivil war in Syria -  the congregation is given an opportunity to give via Christian Aid.

In spite of the present financial climate we are encouraged that our collections, especially during Christian Aid Week, have been maintained. We have a small organising committee with representatives from the three  partner churches. We should welcome help and participation from anybody who is interested (contact Liz Sudlow  Tel No. O131 337 2022 )