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Murrayfield Parish Church



At the heart of our life as a congregation is working and cooperating with others in sharing Good News.

In Murrayfield members are involved in many local organisations which work for the good of the community. MPC is represented on the Community Council and has worked together in various ways, including organisation of Hustings meetings at election times.

There are close links with Roseburn Primary School, where we work together on fair trade and environmental issues and share an overseas partnership. The minister and volunteers make input to the curriculum and children pay regular visits to the church for special events, including in 2013, a joint venture with Scottish Opera.

The minister and teams of volunteers visit and provide services of worship in two local residential nursing homes.

Murrayfield Churches Together (MCT) is the ecumenical partnership which, since 1987, enables the three churches to share gifts, expertise and resources to serve the needs, not only of members, but of the wider community (link to MCT...)

The Murrayfield Club, for people living with dementia, involves trustees and volunteer drivers and helpers from the three congregations in MCT. The Club is held in the Church Centre three days a week for 30 ‘members’ and is a collaborative effort with the City Council.

Our local councillors, MSP and MP have close links with the church and have shared in joint initiatives over the years, in the service of the wider community.

Overseas partnerships link MPC with both the local and the global:

The Ghana Partnership, while church based, also involves Roseburn Primary School and links us with a community (including a church and school) in the western region of Ghana.

(see Overseas partnerships)

ECUDARE is a partnership between the three churches in Murrayfield Churches Together and a Project in Kenya which works with mothers and children affected by HIV. (see Overseas partnerships)