Murrayfield Parish Church

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Our regular pattern of Worship involves one Sunday morning service: 10.30am Morning Worship in the sanctuary.

We have ‘S’ Club which caters for young people of school age in 3 age related sections:  S Club Juniors, S Club Seniors and Quest. Young people share in the beginning of the service and then leave for S Club activities. There is a crèche for babies and toddlers.

Young people take part in various activities during the service e.g. music, collecting the offering and S Club services are held during Advent and at other times of the church year.

Holy Communion is celebrated regularly as an integral part of the service on the first Sundays of February, June and October and in a brief service at the end of morning worship on the first Sunday of each month.

Afternoon services are held at Murrayfield House, a local residential care home, on the second Sunday of the month at 4.45pm.

Special and Ecumenical Services

United services take place in MPC under the umbrella of Murrayfield Churches Together for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and Christian Aid Week. Additionally services are held in one of the three churches on Ash Wednesday, each evening of Holy Week, All Souls and Advent Sundays. The three congregations share an outdoors service on Easter morning and there may be other shared services over the course of each year e.g. Christingle.

Welcome and Hospitality

Adults and children share in greeting people as they enter the sanctuary on a Sunday morning.

Fairly traded coffee and tea are served at the end of morning worship in the Church and Centre and on the last Sunday of the month everyone joins together for Cake and Chat in the Centre

Please come and join us – we would love to see you and offer you a very warm welcome.