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Tuesday Circle

The Tuesday Circle emerged after the closure of the Murrayfield Guild. It meets twice monthly on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm-4pm in the Dove cafe area. All are welcome.

The format includes a worship element, a speaker and fellowship over tea and coffee.


                WINTER  SYLLABUS




        Sept.24     “My trip to the Holy Land

                                    May 2019”                                    

                             Rev. Keith Graham         


       Oct. 8        “Children’s Hospices                                   

                             Across  Scotland”


       Oct. 22       “Music and words for

                           an autumn afternoon”

                          Mairi and Robin Leach


       Nov.5         Favourite Books and Hymns

                               Chosen by You


       Nov.19     “Watson’s Malawi Partnership”

                                   Sally Rae


        Dec. 3      Advent/Christmas Celebrations