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Discipleship Groups

We have a range of recently launched groups whose purpose is to help nurture Christian faith by providing an opportunity to meet together to reflect on the bible and on theology to pray together.

Monday Group
We are usually seven or eight in number and normally meet in one another’s homes on a Monday at 7.30pm (currently on Zoom). We enjoy study followed by tea/coffee and cakes......and much chat and support. We normally meet every second week in Autumn until Christmas and January towards Easter. Our subjects vary. We have used study material from many sources and all take turns to present. For more information contact
Jane Crispin or Isobel Kiltie

Women's Study Group:

We would love anyone to join us for exploration, prayer, study, conversation and friendship.

The Thursday night women's group meets every second Thursday at 8-9.30pm on Zoom (at the moment) for conversation, prayer, and discussion. 

For more information email Alison: alisonjmackenzie@yahoo.com or text 07753 840016.

Sunday Night Group:

We meet fortnightly on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm, during lockdown on zoom but in the Dove (church centre) when things return to normal! There are currently six in the group, but we would welcome additional members. Anyone interested should contact
David Holton or 337 5805 or Bill Hughes 8578 for more information.
Anyone interested should contact David Holton (holton@blueyonder.co.uk or 337 5805) or Bill Hughes (bill@wyhughes.com or 346 8578) for more information

MCT Faith Discussion Group:

Winter Programm
Winter meetings will be on Tuesday evenings, from 11th January in the Upper Hall at Saughtonhall URC.
We will look first at the Book of Psalms in a study course by Sandra Richter, Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.
The book of Psalms is the Old Testament book most often quoted in the New Testament, and its quotations can be found everywhere from John Milton to Star Trek. The study helps us to bridge the gap between the culture and practices of ancient Israel and today; how and why the people of Israel used the Psalms in worship; how the early Christians used the psalms; and much more.
The rest of our programme after the Psalms was to be a showing of the series, The Real Jesus. Unfortunately, there are technical difficulties with this. 

All in all, we have decided to postpone The Real Jesus until the autumn, show the first two programmes of the series Jesus The Game Changer and end this year early on the 22nd March. My apologies for the changes, but we felt that this was th best solution. I attach the amended programme.



Jim Paterson jim@thepatersons.org