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Ghana Partnership

For the latest news from Kwamebikrom, sent to us by our partners there, please read the article in the October '21Magazine

 We have reached the end of the last partnership agreement (July 21) so have been wondering how we can celebrate out 24 year old partnership link. A video is to be shown at Presbytery shortly, and news of Kwamebikrom and what next will be included in the next Church magazine.

Murrayfield Parish Church has been richly blessed by a partnership with Kwamebikrom community in Ghana. The partnership was one of the ways we marked our centenary in 2000. The link came about through the Church of Scotland's Board of World Mission to whom an urgent need in the west part of the country had been identified by the Presbyterian Church in Ghana in 1997. Through this partnership we have expressed a clear desire to engage with the wider church in the world. 

Over the past years we have completed some projects which have made a real difference to life in the village. The first of these projects was the improvement of medical support facilities. Other major projects have included the building of a guest house and library, assisting with the provision of electricity to the village and a range of income generating schemes. 

One feature of the Ghana partnership has been a series of visits to Kwamebikrom by teams from the congregation and also a number of visits made from the village to Edinburgh. These visits have been a wonderful way of growing friendships and expanding our horizons in terms of life and faith. After many wonderful years the partnership is currently entering its final phase. Part of this includes completing work on a latrine block in the village. 

Click here for latest partnership agreement