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Who's Who

Rev Keith Graham Minister

Rev Keith Edwin Graham M.A., PGDip, B.D., MTh was inducted in March 2014. Prior to coming to Murrayfield he served for 5 years as minister elsewhere in Edinburgh at Stenhouse St. Aidan’s. He trained for ministry in Glasgow. Before pursuing a vocation as a minister he worked in Glasgow with people experiencing homelessness.

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Alison Mackenzie Mission & Discipleship

David Parkin Wider Church Group Convenor

Maureen Gilleade Church Manager

David McGuffie Treasurer / Stewardship & Finance Convenor

Iain Herbert Property Group Convenor

Julia Hodgson Staffing Group Convenor

Beverley Kerr Families Group Convenor

Scott Kerr Centre Group Convenor

Jane Smart Session Clerk (Worship)

Kate Yates Safeguarding Coordinator

Justin Nash Organist

Steven Marwick Communications

Alex Henry Pastoral Care