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Our Buildings

Our buildings comprise of a church sanctuary and church centre on the corner of Ormidale Terrace and Abinger Gardens. The attractive church sanctuary retains most of its original features including several stained glass windows and some carved wood features. At the front of the church is the chancel area which is furnished with a pulpit, lectern, baptismal font and communion table. Most of the seating is downstairs on comfortable chairs arranged either side of a central aisle. There is also some seating on pews in a gallery.

In summer 2021, we undertook to upgrade the church lighting, an upgrade which was becoming more and more necessary. The church has become a much brighter place.

Dunlop’s Kirks of Edinburgh describes the building in these terms:...

Murrayfield Church is one of the finest ecclesiastical edifices of the 20th century in the Edinburgh district. The nave and south transept were dedicated on 12th October 1906, the architect being A. Hunter Crawford, and the cost £8000. The rest of the church was dedicated on 24th October 1931, the architect being A. Balfour Paul. The style was early decorated gothic.

The stone, external and internal, is from Hailes quarry and the dressings round windows from Prudham quarry.

The building is cruciform, with pitch pine timbered roof and chancel at the East end. The South transept is a chapel created in 1961, in memory of Rev. Dr. Rossie Brown, by J. Wilson Paterson, architect.

The memorial stained glass is of high quality by Douglas Strachan RSA, H. Hendrie ARSA, James Ballantine and William Wilson OBE, RSA.

The church has a small back gallery and a short square tower.

The church centre was extensively renovated in 2005. As a result we have a flexible suite of rooms - a main hall, a medium sized meeting room [the Upper Room], a small meeting room [the Dove] and another small room [the Stage Room]. These rooms are all available to rent.

We have a charging structure in place and we are very glad that the facilities are well used with many regular bookings from a range of external groups. Call  0131 3371091 or email us to discuss making a booking.