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Local Schools

We welcome schools educational visits

More recently we have developed a friendship with St. George’s School for Girls. The minister has offered some chaplaincy to the Junior and Lower schools of St. George’s. We have also been able to extend the use of our church building to the school for various events. 

Visits to the Church Summer 2021

We welcomed pupils and staff from St George’s School for an educational visit to the church to enhance their school topic ‘ Church and Christianity’. They particularly wanted to find out about the pulpit, stained glass windows, the font and pews. Here are some of the comments sent to us after the visit

“I liked going up on the balcony because I could see the shape of the church was a cross”.
“I enjoyed looking at the stained - glass window because it was really pretty and they explained a story from the bible back in time”.
"I liked going in the pulpit because it was fun and you could see all the way to the back of the church”.
“It was fun because you felt as if you were floating”.
“I enjoyed the darkness because it was cool and mysterious”.
“I liked seeing the font because I liked how there was a secret lid on it”.
“I liked going into the choir room because it had the atmosphere of being religious and good”.
“I liked being up in the pulpit because I didn’t expect to see a TV there”.
“I liked the stained-glass windows because I liked how they told a story”.