Tuesday Circle

The Tuesday Circle emerged after the closure of the Murrayfield Guild. It meets twice monthly on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm-4pm in the Dove cafe area. All are welcome.

The format includes a worship element, a speaker and fellowship over tea and coffee.


               SPRING  SYLLABUS




         Jan. 14        “Scottish Bible Society”

                                   Norman Liddle    


          Jan. 28           “Gutter Lasses”

                              Fisherwomen Part 2 

                                    Simon Fairnie   


          Feb. 11       “Fabergie”- talk and demo.

                                      Deonaid Wilson         


          Feb. 25            “Cross Reach”

                                     Euan McIntyre


          Mar. 10       “An awfully big adventure”

                                     Dean Fostekew  


          Mar. 24         AGM and Daffodil Tea