Next service: Sunday Service
Sun 14th Jul, 10:30am


S Club 


S Club continues to run on a Sunday morning during the 10.30 am service fir chidren aged 4-12 years. S club and S Club juniors meet together in the Upper Room So, bring your children to church on Sunday morning. As always, the service will start with the children in church and then off to the Upper Room for their own learning, fun, crafts and activities.

S Club News

Over the last year we continued with our usual activities including a video at Christmas and for the first time since lockdown, the older children were able to perform “live” at Easter. They were delighted to be able to do this as for the past to years everything has been videoed. Hopefully you all found this drama enjoyable. 

We hope to start the new session with a picnic and games in Roseburn Park.