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Sun 24th Oct, 10:30am

COP26 is coming

The climate crisis is a storm we all face, but we’re not all in the same boat.  For some, the storm is stronger and the waves are already breaking. Every day, people living in poverty battle the worst of a crisis they did not create. This is deeply unjust.
In November, the UK Government is hosting the United Nations’ key climate talks in Glasgow: the “Conference of the Parties 26”, known as COP26.

Thank you to all who brought a boat along to church - they are on their way to join thousands of boats from across the country for  a special installation at COP26 to deliver our prayers and messages to world leaders. 

We are hoping there will be another opportunity to 'get folding' at the Eco service on 31st October.

See the church magazine for the full article.