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Sun 21st Apr, 10:30am

Pastoral Care

As a church, keeping in touch and offering pastoral care to all our members is very important and is what we strive to do well. We are now ready to launch the new pastoral care initiative (you may remember reading an article regarding this in the December magazine).
Your new church elder will be in touch to introduce themselves to you in the next few months. Hopefully you will meet them face to face even if that is just speaking for a few minutes at the doorstep. Once you have met, you will then be able to let them know the best way of staying in touch. They will be happy to maintain contact by visiting you in person, meeting up in person with you, or alternatively communicate by phone, or email, or messages.
The intention is for the new approach to strike a balance between the responsibility of the Kirk Session to stay in touch with the members of the congregation, whilst recognising that members will have different preferences about how often they want contact and what type of contact they prefer.